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How did "Content Stream" get back on the Forum front page center? Whatever the format was yesterday, it was good, please leave it alone unless you ask members if they want the change. Stop changing just to change, please. You have already lost a lot of members, please stop the changes for a while.

And what is "wall post"?? These should have been deleted permanently.

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This "forum" is an absolute wonderment.  Cookshack had a great forum, lots of members, and a wealth of information and help easily found from earlier posts just by searching.   It appears that the old timers have departed.  Cookshack would be better off without a forum if this is the best they can do. This "wonderment" of a forum could cost Cookshack some customers. 

That was my fault on the sudden change. I have been working in the back end to prevent some of the spam and had a few temporary changes. I believe everything is back to the way it was. 

Unfortunately, we had no say in the change of the forum. The old platform no longer exists and we were migrated to this one.  We are hopeful that in time, everyone will enjoy some of the new features. 

Christa - I understand that the old forum format died out but I just do not understand why hoopla was chosen when other Q forums have a format much more close to what the old forum resembled. The other forums are easier to navigate, lay out is cleaner, has signatures etc. I just think this particular format is a mistake. It does not feel like family. But I thank you for taking the time to respond and putting in the effort to make this work.   Dave

Christa, thank you for your reply. It's nothing personal of course, but as you can tell, some of us are pretty frustrated at the loss of a very good thing. I'll be sticking around for a while, though, because I want to see what changes are possible with this format. My hope (maybe not realistic - we'll see) is that at some point we can say "hey, c'mon back and try it!".

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