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I have been a CS Forum member since 2012.  The forum and many members helped me with making a decision to go electric and then to purchase the Amerique. The format was simple and friendly. Lots of great back and forth with the other members.  I have tried to like the new format.  I have tried REAL hard and while I am getting used to it, I dislike it a lot. I belong to many forums, whether guns or BBQ or woodworking, and I have to say the current CS forum is the most difficult.  Actually, all other forums I belong to are extremely simple and laid out very well. One I particularly like is powered by the company at the following link. I hope that someone at CS looks at it and gives it some serious consideration:

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Clearly nobody appears to be listening.  The best way to affect change is to leave and go where someone does listen.  That is how all of the great places start, by listening and respecting members.  May I suggest heading over to and checking out the forum over there.  No, it is not a single smoker company, but the love of great queue is strong with that group, and they listen and respond!

Best of luck to you.

Just a quick update.  People at CS are listening.  And quitting is no way to affect change.  Helpful suggestions are a way to affect change.  But that does not mean that owners of a particular business will change.  This forum is not getting the hits that it used to get.  A lot of the old timers retired or died off.  A new format may or may not improve business.  Another forum, SmokinTex is nowhere as busy as it was years ago.  People and times change. Just a fact of life.

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A while back when I complained directly to CS (via "contact us"), about the faintness and unreadability of the date stamps on comments, leading people to reply to ancient threads, I actually got a reply from the Cookshack CEO. His comment was he didn't think they could do anything about it. Apparently they bought a forum software package with no modifications allowed.

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