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We found the options available for the forum homepage! In order to make this forum as user friendly as possible, we have created a survey with the options available. This survey will be open for about a week and will close Friday, September 14, at 8 a.m. I am planning on getting into the forum that morning to get the updates made based on everyone's responses.

The pictures are a little smaller than I would like but hopefully it at least gives you an idea of the options available. 

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The samples on the survey page are pretty close to impossible to read.  Enlarging the examples only enlarges the distortion. Cannot vote for this.

I don't think it is necessary to actually read the images on the survey page - you can tell easily what they are representing, and it appears the voting percentages are about right for a more usable forum structure, given the constraints of the format as stated. It doesn't seem as though the new format adopted by CS (and apparently not very adaptable) will be amenable to increasing the page area devoted to content, as desired by some commenters. Guess you get what you pay for. I get the impression the overall page format supplied by the vendor is a done deal.

Hey all! Sorry for not getting the forum updated for you last week like I said I would in the survey.

I didn't want to leave everyone waiting and especially didn't want to upset anyone if they tried to contact me and think I ignored them. I no longer work at Cookshack. I appreciate everyone giving their feedback on the forum and wish I could help more, but I'm sure everyone at Cookshack will do everything they can to assist in making changes to the forum for you!


Dara M. 

Dara, I hope your separation from CS was amicable - I know you were doing your best to fix the Forum issues under the insistent demands of he folks here on the Forum. Not being privy to your particulars, I can only thank you for your service here and wish you well.

Thank you for your kind words for Dara, I will send your well wishes. She will be truly missed. I will be doing my best to see through to the updates she was working on. I appreciate your patients, as my work load has increased since her departure.

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