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Posted this elsewhere, but wanted to ask the gang here.

Craig, Prisonchef and a few others say go with the Honda 3000. Main reason was quiet.

Another brand out there, same dB as the honda is the KIPOR sinemaster range of Digital Generators.

Any good/bad comments.

If it's got a good warranty, is super quiet and provides enough power, for about $1,000 less, hard not to look at it.

Appreciate any thoughts.

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I've got a Honda too with no complaints. I researched the KIPOR too and was pretty impressed. Supposedly its a very similar design and these guys may have a license to make Honda in China or something like that.

Anyway, make sure you are getting the yellow inverter models and not the red ones. At the right price, I'd take the risk.
Found a LOT of positive comments on them in

For what I can get it delivered to Oklahoma (out of state shippers want a fortune) it's about 800 or $900 difference. For the amount of time I'll use it, it's more for backup than primary and the savings can help pay off the trailer.

I know Craig and the others love their hondas, but I have to be frugal with some of this.

Too many choices...

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