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Oh Boy!! You may want to try Coaches.

That's where Smokin's leant his smoking expertise...assuming you know Smokin is our moderator, cook extraordinaire and cooking coach. When you walk in, there's a large sketch of Smokin on the chalk board. If I ever get back to Oklahoma City, that's my first stop.

You should get great barbecue and may meet Smokin as well. How good is that?
For those not on Facebook:

Smokin Okie
January 2
Well, the new year starts... unfortunately with not good news. We have decided to close Coach's as of 1/1/13. The economics of the past few years and the pressure of a higher new lease were just too much. That's the bad news. Good news is we will have some exciting news in 2013, just can't share it yet. I know, I know it's a tease, but there are many things going on in the background we just can't talk about. I will say it was AMAZING to get a change to actually have my food in a restaurant -- how many of us that BBQ have wanted to do that. I did and I still am, I'm living the dream. Nothing but great comments from family, friends and new friends about the food we offered. Thanks to everyone who ate there it was an honor serving my BBQ to everyone. Stay tuned, more fun stuff coming soon.

And another thread from Smokin: Checking In
Originally posted by chistoso:
Thanks anyway. I went to a small chain across from my hotel and had the brisket snd baked beans. I doubt my food comes out as good as many on the forum but it was better than this place. If I find a gem I'll report here.

No disrespect to any restauranteur intended: but if you have a Cookshack smoker, a good rub and you get your technique down there's no reason your homemade stuff wouldn't kick most restaurant food's ass... Really. And this is a place in KC that was on Food Network, tho not Guy's show.
Well, BBQ is certainly one of those things that is very subject to individual's tastes. I've eaten at a lot of BBQ joints, where I've had some food I just did't care for. In my area, Northeast U.S., all of the larger 'chain' places I've eaten at, I just didn't like the food. At all of the big chains, Ribs usually taste like they've been held too long, I rarely like their sauces, as I'm not a fan of liquid smoke in a sauce if being put on smoked meat - thats a pet peeve of mine, but I suppose some folks like that from-a-jar taste. I rarely eat pulled pork if eating out, because I prefer my own - maybe because when I do it for myself, it's always fresh. I've twice eaten at a couple of well named places in the Houston, Texas area, and both times didn't finish meal. I tasted way too much creosote on the food, leading me to believe stuff was cooked a bit quick over their mesquite fired stick burners. I guess they prefer it that way in Texas. Even the smaller local joints in my area, it's a roll of the dice. I don't think I'm that particular either, but I do prefer my smoke/flavor profile. However, it's all a matter of 'taste' - heh. I'm not knocking any restaurant, or chain BBQ place, I'm more just mentioning their food wasn't to my taste - they didn't get to be successful without people liking their food, that's for sure. My restaurant is scheduled to open end of April, so I'll find out pretty quick if folks like the BBQ, and if I find that my tastebuds, smoke profiles and flavors don't line up with what the public want, I'll change them real quick !

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