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Over the weekend I was finishing up some Christmas presents on the smoker.

Great weather as you can see by the pics.

SMO45 held the temp well- set at 250 (smoking almonds). Was at 248 just before I took the picture, then dropped to 238. Outside temp was 21 degrees, with wind.

Still worked like a charm. Didn't need to add any time to my usual run time.


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Originally posted by Vjgtrybno1:
I couldn't get my smoker above 205 on Thanksgiving when temps were down in the 20s - I did open the door once or twice. How long does it take to get it to 250? I am trying to figure out if my 045 has a problem.

Smoking almonds only takes an hour or two- so it didn't take that long. Also, it's a relatively empty smoker. When you start with cold meat it does take longer to get to the set temp. Also, when I start, I try not to look until close to the expected done time.

It's not my quote- but it's been said many a time "If you're lookin', you're not cookin"!

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