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Ok thanks I just got a email from Cookshack                                                                            

Hi Ernie,

Thank you for your email. We have not used this item on our grills so we are unable to say whether they block too much airflow….

Thank you,


Terri Gordon

Account Manager/Assistant to the President

Sales & Marketing Team

I have a gas grill and am using the Grillgrates on it.  I really like them.  I haven't measured these grates to see if they are close enough in size to try on the PG 1000.  I would probably only use them on the grilling side of the PG 1000.  I am in the process of cleaning up my smokers and the grill.  I will let you know more in the next day or so.

"I am in the process of cleaning up my smokers and the grill."

Oh, man, I just spent an entire day cleaning my Weber Genesis gas grill, after using it for far too long without cleaning. I can think of a few ways Weber could design it to make it easier to do routine cleaning. In the past, I felt like it wasn't worth my time and just bought replacement parts for the guts and scraped down everything else, even though I was spending over $200 on parts. I'm now officially going back to that position. What a chore! New grill in the fall (since the new Weber Genesis actually supports a rotisserie).

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