I've been smokin salmon all day and just noticed alot of condensation on the led board where i cannot read the temp. has anyone had this problem before? will this damage the computer board?
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Are you sure the problem is condensation...or just a LED that's difficult to read?

My AQ was received 12/23/2010. I could barely read the numbers and after my first smoke, the digits were only partially visible. Turns out to be a faulty board. Stuart said they've had to replace a number of these AQ boards, and have contacted their supplier to resolve the problem.

Long story short, an email to Customer Service (Tony) resulted in a new board being shipped out to me the next day. Since swapping out boards, I have no problem.
I've smoked about 8 times in the smoker since it arrived late december and this is the first time that i could see what appeared to be condensation and could not read the temp or time. I let it set over night and still looks like there is condensation on the board.
Bugsdog - I had the same problem with my AmeriQue; in addition I was experiencing wide temperature variations while smoking. After doing a search and reading a few other posts on the forum, I started by removing the controller and found a great deal of moisture on the interior of the controller. I then removed the entire back panel and found that much of the insulation was quite wet and, in addition, the insulation towards the top was smoke stained. This is caused by the top back seam of the interior compartment being only spot welded in a few places; moisture and smoke escapes through this unsealed seam. I called Cookshack’s first rate customer service and spoke to Bill Vice about the problem. He shipped me a new controller and replacement insulation. I bought a tube of high heat silicone sealant and sealed the top back seam while waiting for the parts to arrive. When they arrived I put everything back together and was good to go. During your first smoke after reassembly I recommend leaving the controller detached and slightly off to the side just in case there is any residual moisture in the top insulation that might come up through the holes in the top of the case. Hope this helps.
Before making any guesses, I'd call CS and discuss this with them direct. Let us know the resolution.
Hey guys thanks for the help. To top it off i was smokin chicken on sunday and half way through cooking the control board went blank. Didnt know how much time was left and it never beeped saying it was done. So i removed the chicken and let the unit rest for a day and tried it again yesterday and the same issue, the board went out 2 hrs into cooking. Called CS explained the issue and there sending a new board out today.Will have to see what happens.
Got my new board today, opened up the box and the base was broken, thanks UPS, and to top it off i have a B-party this weekend im hosting so ill have to use the new board until i get a second board sent out. Just my luck.
sounds like they're really having atime with these new contoler boards. My 66 board went out twice an they the asked me to send the entire unit back, which I did. But I upgraded to the fEC 100. So glad I did. Like night and day.

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