Is it OK or no OK for the heating element to touch the wood box?

I was not getting any smoke on my "seasoning" of my new Elite cookshack. The service representative suggested that i bend the heating element a bit so that it was closer to the wood box.

Terry Sandlin
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You may go from too little smoke to too much smoke. If so, bend it back a little. I'd call the same service rep and ask him.
Yep,service does not monitor these forums,so it is best to call and get correct info,rather than us making guesses with possibly poor data.
Since you're talking to the service guy, go with what he suggests.
It is fine for the heating element to touch the wood box. I recommend it as sometimes with light loads the oven gets to temperature before the wood really starts to smolder and then you don't get much smoke. Having the element touch the wood box will solve this.

One tip of yours I didn't know,and maybe I'll remember to pass it on ,down the road.

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