Ok, just picked up a 1998 105 for $100. I posted it a few months ago, but just picked it up.
1. I clean it, it looks awesome
2. I let it sit overnight, (it was just too late)
3. I turn it on and it makes this horrendous arcing noise and the control head starts smoking.
4. I open it up and notice that the (what appears to be) contactor is arcing out and not making contact.

So, I've never owned a cookshack but i'm assuming the contactor is the key to the whole deal, none the less it doesn't seems to work. All the electronics seem to work, time, temp, hold temp etc, just no power to the heating element.
Can anyone help???????????????
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Although I could have not been a dumb ass and read the "so you have questions" forum first, but any help would be appreciated.
Moose -- Call Cookshack. They will be more than happy to assist - really. Wonderful people.
Wheelz is right, there aren't many 105 owners and CS will help, even though you didn't buy it from them.

If the elements are bad, you'd have to get them from them direct anyway.

They'll help you out.
Yessir,with them folks at Cookshack bein' family,them old ones is like kids that left home.

Lotta pride there.

Now ,I can't say about them bought from chinese prisoners.
crap, so come to find out, it's the electronics, soooooooooooooo, anyone know where to obtain some old electronics as opposed to the 625 for new?

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