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I put a 14 lb packard cut choice grade brisket on last night at 9pm expecting at 1.5 hrs/pd for it to be done around five today. I is 7 am and I am at 175 degrees already. It has been cooking at 200 degrees all night. Yes the poder is in the thick of the meat.

Why would it be getting done 7 hrs aghead of schedule?

What should I do with it till 6pm dinner time?

foil fridge counter oven? Should I add any beef broth to any of the above ideas?

Finally I want to smoke 1 gallon of baked beans later today. About how many ounces of wood for beans?

update it is now 8.30 and it is at 190 degrees

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So, must have been your first brisket. Man, that's why we always suggest don't practice on the really important days, like parties.

So, rule #1: It's done when it's done.

I've had them on "average" take 1.5 per pound, but had some done in 1 hour or up to 2 hours. Go figure, that brisket never cooperates.

It's going to plateau a little bit there. If you're really worried, I'd keep a close eye on it and if it gets done too early, then you'll need to double wrap it and I'd add a little beef broth just for some moisture. The challenge will be if it's done too early. If you double wrap it, you can keep it that way for about 4 hours, maybe 5 at most. If you need to hold it longer, I'm not sure of the best method. You might hold it in the oven and set the temp low, like 150. Don't leave it on that temp, maybe cycle it on and off and try to use it as a warming cabinet. Ideally you want it about 140.

Hope it helps some.

I have learned another way to "hold" a brisket, like smokin said double foil wrap then wrap in layer after layer after layer of newspaper, continue adding layers of newspaper until when you hold the brisket you can no longer feel any heat at all. Using this method I have had briskets on hold for up to 8 hours, and when served they are still steaming and too hot to eat.
I'm doing my first brisket in my Smokette, a 12.7 lb. choice cut.I elected not to fold it, so I cut the deckle off from the flat.

Used mustard, and my Southern Succor rub, wrapped and refrigerated overnite.

Placed the deckle or point on the bottom rack, with the flat on the top rack. Used temp probes in both.

Put it in at 4:30 this morning with 5 oz. hickory.

To my surprise the point hit 196 in 10 hrs. at 2:30 this afternoon, I'm sure in part because it was closest to the heating element, and the fat content.

Double foiled and into cooler. Going over son and daughter-in-laws at 6:30 so I should be OK.

It's now been almost 13 hrs. and the flat is at 186. I'm guessing my instincts were right. I've done one other choice cut brisket (9.5 lbs) in an ECB, and it was done in 11 hours.

I know they say briskets are really unpredictable, but I'd rather have it done early, than have everyone waiting to eat and be late for the party. You can always heat it up if necessary.

Ultimately everyone there will be the judge as to how good it came out, but I'm thinking I may have nailed this one too.

Will let everyone know the results. In the meantime, you all enjoy your Christmas Eve and being with family and friends.


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