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Hi everyone,

I need help estimating how much meat I am gonna need for the following scenario (just need estimates on the starting weight/amounts of the pork butts and whole chickens).

I am in the PTA for our school and we are throwing an appreciation lunch for staff. We will be serving the following for APX. 140 PEOPLE:

This is a tex/mex theme

Veggie soup
Taco bar with all fixings
Form of rice and beans

Pulled pork sliders
Pulled chicken sliders

How many pounds of pork butt should I start with and how many chickens/pounds should I start with?

We want to assume/have enough so people will take 1 of each slider.

This is my first time cooking for such a large crowd, so please help.

Thanks, Vicki B.
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If you did strict math and disregarded personal tastes,etc.

There seems to be a feeling that sliders contain +/- 2 ounces each.

Most cooks feel lucky to yield 50% from raw bone in butts.

If chickens used 2 oz per slider.
3 # lb chickens yield +/- 16 oz cooked meat[33%]

Some cooks may go with 10% extra raw weight to be sure they are covered.
As they questioned the taco bar above-I understand.You get a committee come up with menus. Roll EyesYou will learn your technique for "gracefully bending" the head of the food committee to your logic.

If there is a large proportion of maybe" dieting ladies" ,they may try to give them a salad out.A suggestion from you could be a premade Chef's salad,etc and they could add a little of your fine chicken.Instead of taco bar-there are fine layered taco salds-where you could even incorporate your bbq meats.You see a lot of those down in bbq country.

You suggestion could be that you are offering three "meats" and folks typically consume about 5 oz ? of the meat total.

You are offering three sides and folks generally consume one cup sides total-whatever the combo.You didn't mention breads or desserts.

If they serve themselves,you could wind up with 7-8 dabs of food by the time they hit the end of the buffet line.

We often find with a bbq meal offering two meats and beans,potato salad,slaw,macaroni salad and a little dessert.They take the meat,half the people will skip the bread-if they can,a little beans and potato salad,and a little dessert.All the rest winds up in the trash. Eeker

If the vegetable soup is there for vegetarians,replace the slaw with a tossed salad.They can still have a nice salads meal.

Just a couple thoughts from someone who has tossed out a lot at the end. Big Grin

Just a little experience, when they allow you some input.

If they are set in the menu,hopefully other folks are bringing the rest of the menu.Be sure to have some take out containers for their dinner,as you may have plenty to go.

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