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Hi, I bought two butts at Sam's (15# total so about 7.5# each) and during my smoking I was unable to attain a meat tempature of 190 degrees during 12 hours in my Smokette @ 225 degrees. The weather was 40 - 50 degrees with a light breeze. Both butts got to 170 degrees in about 8 hours but didn't get over 180 in 12 hours. The meat was delicious, but not soft enough to pull.
Any tips or advice are appreciated, thanks!
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Hi Tom,
If you read some pork butt 101 or some other discussions the only advice.
The meat will stay around 170 for several hours before rising.This is when Patience is required as your meat goes through the extended "plateau".It will then continue to climb. For planning purposes,count on between one and a half to two hours per pound. Some on here raise the temp to the max to hurry the time spent in the "plateau". Kathy
Kathy is right on. You can start butts low, then when they hit that plateau, often as soon as 150*, sometimes as late as 170*, they will even sometimes lose a degree or 2. It is collagen breakdown. You can then crank up all the way and push through faster. I sometimes go as far as 205* on butts to make some tougher old hogs shred easier. 20-24 hours is not unusual for my Smokette.

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