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Any suggestions on deep cleaning the inside of a PG500? The two areas that seem difficult are the "gutter" at the bottom of the drip sheet that funnels drippings into the grease collection bucket and the area below the warming drawer.  I clean as best I can with a putty knife, but there is a lot of "baked" on stuff that just doesn't come off.

@mountainman posted:

Cal 2 That is amazing stuff...

I've tried various de-greasers over the years but that clearly is the best!

Any thought as to what to do with the grates inside, that works as well?



It does work well on the outside, no I've not used it on the grates. I just use a wire brush on the grates. Wish the direct side would clean up better though. If you try it, let me know if it works on the grates.

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