I just received my SM020 smoker yesterday. You guys were right, the thing is built like a safe.

I set it up and turned it on just to make sure everything is working. Still need to season it. I have it in the garage, around 55 degrees and it has been on for an hour and is only up to 80 degrees. Is this normal?

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My 020 (with meat) will make 225* easy in 1st hour.

I would pass on to CS tech support if it doesn't resolve itself

It might only be a break-in/run-in issue with the probe/element. I had a couple odd temp reading events in first few cooks, but since then - no problem with temp control.
My temp sensor might be messed up. I put a thermometer in the vent hole and it went up to 250 in 30 seconds.

I will be calling them Monday to see about a fix.
Sorry to hear about the problem, but this is why I think people need to season the smoker with wood for the first time. Nothing worst than the first smoke with a BIG PB and issues with the smoker.

I have a cs020, so I really don't understand the probe hookup or how the display reads the oven temp and the probe temp?
All set.

Called CS and talked to Tony. Great guy. There was a wire reversed from the circut board to the temp probe plug. Yellow wire was on negative (supposed to be on positive). I switched the wires, turned it on and it got up to 150* in like 10 min.

Can't wait to do my ribs this weekend. Smiler
Shhh!,don't let out the secret ,that if you have a minor glitch in a newly shipped cooker,and you would like to cook-instead of venting-call CS service and let them get you going to great food on the table. Smiler

Stuff happens,and most cooks would like to get on with the cooking.

More fun and it tastes better going down. Wink
Well now,some folks are masters of equipment and that might be their end.I'm thrilled that they are available and have the interest to be involved in equipment-that might be their passion.

Others,may just be poor cooks,whose passion is the cooking and the cookers are the means to the end.

Somehow,those guys figure how to use most anything to cook with and move on to their passion-cooking.

A comp cookoff ,with 100 teams from all over the country ,can be amazing.

Almost nothing works,yet cooks find a way to move to their passion-cooking.

Seems they think that is what it is all about.

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