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How many you trying to do?

Personally, I think anything Beer Can Anything is a waste (don't get me started) I'll brine so I can be sure how it works.

But, trying to help Big Grin

Not sure you can fit more than 2 in it as you won't have enough space to vertifically take out racks. If you put two on the bottom and two on the third shelf, I don't think there is room for Turkeys in a Can, but you can check when you get them, do a dry fit for spacing.

I can usually fit two on one shelf, usually. skip a shelf and two more, but I've known people that squeeze a lot more in there. I don't like to, it affects airflow.

That's actually I went to the 7 shelf system so I have a little more space veritifcally, but still don't do more than 4 at a time.
smokinOkie, why do you think Beer can anything is a waste. Over the last two weeks I have cooked beer can chickens and two turkeys and they were great. Very moist and the rub I used was placed under the skin and on top of the skin. The meat is so moist and flavorful. Not sure what extra I could expect if I brined.
The dry fitting prior to cooking is a good idea. Thanks!!
ornage68 I just think it a bunch of hooey (there is that subtle enought) ... LOL

I've tried it and for me, I just don't see the benefits in flavor and I've used dark beer, and fresh herbs, etc. It just doesn't seem to give me a flavor that we taste a difference.

But I know people love it, that's why I say keep doing it if it works for you.

I've put temp probs inside the can, while it's cooking and they are so insulated (from the turkey/chicken, they don't really come up to boiling, which would be required for them to steam. Think of it like this. If the meat temp you're cooking too is 160 or so and the meat is at or below that temp, is the beer get so much more temperature that it's boiling and really giving off steam?

Now, I know lots of people feel the same way about brining, they just don't see the benefit, and that's cool, go with the methods that work.

Keep doing it by all means, wouldn't be the first time I'm wrong Big Grin
Smokin--youve been wrong? I refuse to believe it. Also stop putting "im no expert but i cook with a few"--sorry to tell you i think you have reached to expert level. Sorry to tell have been labeled expert now we expect you to live up to it. Now what time is dinner going to be ready its a long drive from TX.
I once did a lot of beer can chickens on the grill and I loved them (so I thought).

I've since switched to pellet cookers and find that they just cook chickens better.

I originally tried a couple beer can chickens and was not happy with the results.

With a little research here I found Smokins answer and TOTALLY agree with him.

I'll stand the bird up on a stainless open holder lay it down or spatchcock it but no more beer can chickens in the FEC for me.
I will be cooking seven beer can style turkeys tomorrow am (early) for church. I did a fit for one bird (12-14 lbs) and think I can get 7 possible 8 in the cooker at once.
With the four rack system there is about 13 inches between the racks (2nd and 4th rack from top). Will put three birds on the bottom and 4 on the top.
I measured the birds and they are about 13 inches tall but when I placed them on the beer can and set them up they compressed to about 12 inches which gives you about one inch clearance between the shelves. Will let you know how they turn out.

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