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Hey English Guy... want a shortcut? Can you get a corned beef at the grocery, in a cryovac? It's brisket that has already been cured. Look for a large point cut. Soak it in cold water for about 2 hours to get some salt out. Drain and refill the water once after an hour. Put it dry and rub with cracked black pepper and some garlic powder. Then smoke like a brisket, at 225 until it hits about 190 for slicing. Better than store-bought pastrami made from beef round...
I have a commercial Cookshack SM150 that I bought on a whim at a bankrupt stock auction for �50 ($95)!I didn't even know what it was at the time but have since used it for smoking chickens and tried un-succe
sfully to cold smoke salmon.
You asked if brisket was available here in England,we have a cut of beef that we call brisket which is the cheapest roasting joint available so I presume it is the same as your US brisket.AS for pastrami all we can buy here is vacuum packed ready sliced pastrami with an artifical taste so I'm looking forward to some home made stuff.
Hey EG: Just to check, when you say the cheapest joint... a brisket does not have a bone or joint in it... did you mean that, or just the cheapest piece of meat? The brisket has a large flat piece, called the flat, sometimes sold alone (around 6-8 lbs) or sometimes with the point attached... another piece of meat (about 4-5 lbs) that sits above the flat, conected by a thick layer of fat. Do they have packaged corned beef available out there? That's what I coat with pepper and smoke for pastrami-substitute. Darn good, though!
I got all fired up by this pastrami thread and made 2 for an office party. Killer results.

I got a big help from the local deli. The guy sliced my pastrami with that nifty cicular blade.

(I asked the butcher at the big groc store to slice it but he said it was against USDA rules.)

Good on ya, Cookshack. Merry merry! Cool

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