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Agree with Joe as to topic placement. That said, you might try a higher temp setting such as 250 (loin backs) or 275 (spares). That will increase the BTU's provided by the pellets. As you increase temp you decrease smoke.

What kind of pellets are you using? Fruit woods such as apple and cherry are milder than nut woods.
Preheat grill and then go with a 275 for first hour, flip and reduce to 250 for second hour, wrap in foil with apple juice and some rub mixture and leave a hole in the top to help minimize steam. Monitor close after 1 hour on bb or 1.5 hours on spears. When done, unwrap, glaze and return to grill to set glaze and allow to firm up. The L & H setting will affect the amount of smoke at 250, the foil protects the meat though. Try in the FEPG section for more response.
I would cook ribs at 275 and not worry about "too much smoke"... I think you will find at that temp the smoke is not overpowering at all...

Honestly, I think this is the first post I can remember about reducing smoke on a pellet cooker... usually it is "I don't get enough smoke flavor on this pellet cooker." You have to try really hard to oversmoke on these pellet grills. Cook up a test rack of ribs and then go from there...

Originally posted by BBRD:
What is the best setting for minimizing smoke on a pg 500 for ribs. I like to cook at around 230 degrees on the past grills i have used. My family likes some smoke flavor but certainly not overpowering...


I have to agree with Nordy....on the PG500, cook your ribs at 275* and use the settings of 15/65. You'll see spikes around 255-280*, enough to produce some smoke, but not over powering!

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