I've been a member of this forum since 2004 and have been smoking with a Meco electric water smoker. I finally took the plunge today and bought the elite sm025! I'm so excited. This forum has been soooo helpful in teaching me the ins and outs of making good Q and now I got the best smoker to go along with all I've learned.

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6 years? Man, hope you don't take that long on all your decisions ... LOL

Welcome to the OWNERS group Big Grin

Now that you're an owner, 4 posts in 6 years isn't enough.

Yep,I remember smokin' and I talking to you about that Meco.

I wish you'd post in a couple months and express what a difference this Cookshack made, and if you'd have known,you'd have sold the wife and kids to do this years earlier. Big Grin

Glad to have you as an owner,just don't overstudy and get to cookin'.

That's where the fun is. Wink
Glad to here you are joining the club. Its not really fair to call you a newbie, that is for me.BEST advice on your new cs.RELAX and have FUN.
It was never a question of should I get a CS it was when would I get one. I was sold on them soon after I discovered this forum. The MECO was fun, just took too much attention. Getting up at 3am do a 14 hour smoke meant I didn't use it as much as I would like. Now that the $$$have aligned themselves I've got a spring back in my step. I won't have it time for the SuperBowl (for which I'm smoking 3 St Louis slabs) but look out next weekend. I see a PB in my near future.
Thanks for all the kind words of encourgement.

PB are good but the real test is the brisket, I'm totally hooked and can't wait to smoke some salmon fresh from the lake enjoy

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