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OK, I have never cooked a brisket in my life. Brisket isn't a big deal in the Philly area. I've done butts, poultry, and ribs.

I've always been under the impression that brisket is mostly an undesireable cut of meat unless it is cooked properly, and then it can be a great meat.

Anyway, I went to the local ACME market and brisket was $4.19 per pound ( package was labelled "Half of a Whole" brisket, whatever that means.

But I always though brisket was an inexpensive cut of meat. Am I wrong, or did it go up a whole lot in the last few years?

At that price I won't be buying too much brisket, that's for sure.
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Well, I'm no brisket expert, but I am guessing that what you saw was probably the flat, and already trimmed (most expensive this way). The price for a trimmed flat in So Cal is around $4.50 per pound. The deals come when you buy the complete brisket, untrimmed, in the package. (Lot's of fat). I can get them at Smart and Final (basically a very small Costco or Sam's Club) for $1.19 per pound. Keep looking.......
Is it REALLY this expensive?

No it shouldn't be if you're buying the right cut.

We've discussed on the forum how the term "brisket" doesn't always mean the same, so there will probably be some sort of confusion. Different parts of the country haven't even seen a full brisket Wink

If it's a full brisket, untrimmed, with both the flat and the point and really ugly's a Packer Trim. In Ok and Texas it usually goes for about 89 cents to 1.50 a pound. Outside of the beef belt, it will be more, but usually not more than a $1 more or so.

If it's over $3, pretty much anyway, it's usually some sort of trim brisket. They'll first trim off the top thus leaving the flat and you have a trimmed flat. Even here, trimmed flats can easily hit the prices you're talking.

I don't do flats.

Unfortunately, the Sam's here for the last few months is only selling SELECT and I'm not thrilled. They said they don't get choice anymore.

My advise, check around and find a butcher or a BBQ place and ask them for the real deal.

True untrimmed briskets are almost impossible to find in and around Philly. Sams and BJs only carry the cryo flats anymore, they are usually around $1.25/lb and call them whole briskets. But as someone who knows what a real whole brisket is, these are less than acceptable. I have spoken to a few butchers in the area and they want $3.00+/lb for a brisket. I do miss living in Oklahoma where they know what a brisket should be.

Gloria in NJ
Misplaced Oklahoman

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