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The tips and methods gleaned from this very valuable forum are what pushed this one over the top for me.

I started with a Flat (7.5 lbs.)and, after keeping my fingers crossed for 10.5 hrs - the 009 got her to 187 degrees. (used hickory).

The meat was the best beef bbq I believe I've ever had..close anyway. Not bad for "Le Garage Cuisine"!

The Forum has given me a great return on investment so far. Thanks to all who have taken the time to develop a new generation of "Q'rs".

Oh... and the wife was moaning about 6:30 that we hadn't eaten yet. When we finally settled down about 7:30...she was overwhelmed.
(I'm King of the House now)

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Way to go Jim.

Now cook on it a little longer to get the times down for each cut of meat. Sooner or later the wife is going to want to try her hand with the smoker. That will be the time to encourage her and with your cooking times and a good thermometer, she should be able to produce the same results! That will give you extra time for hunting, fishing, golf etc. Naturally she won't want you around supervising so it will be a good excuse to leave the house!!

Worked for me!

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