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Unless you've got smoke just belching out of the door, this should not be a problem. Usually, after a few smokes the seasoning will fill up the opening and there will be no more leakage.

You say that your "cooks" take longer. About how much longer and as compared to what other cooker? Also, what model Cookshack are you using and what is it you are cooking that takes longer? A little more information and maybe someone here can figure it out. If not and you think you've got a bona fide problem then by all means call Cookshack Customer Service. They're a real helpful bunch.
There is always a gap when you first cook with your smoker. Even new, this gap isn't big enough to create a "heat loss" problem. Not like the $199 offset smoker you but at the local store that leaks more smoke than a Smoking Room at a restaurant.

Probably need a whole lot more details to determine the issue, if there is one and exactly which one.

Not you specifically, but a lot of new users worry about the details on the cook, instead of just using it as advertised. Sure, there are a lot of details, but they come with practice

IF, and you do have to check, IF it's smoking at the right temp, then there isn't a heat loss problem.

Heck I cook on my FE 100 sometimes with the door open. The smoke will compensate if it detects "cold" temps and just turn on the thermostat to get more heat.
Yes, 23 hours does seem a Little too long depending on how big the butts are and at what temperature you're cooking them. I also have an 08 and the butts I usually cook weigh around 7 pounds. I put them in the cooker at 10:00 at night and set the temp. for 200 degrees. When I get up the next morning they're on plateau at about 165 degrees. Somewhere along about 10:00 that morning I turn the temp. up to 225 and they're done by 3:00 that afternoon. That figures to be 17 hours. So, if you're cooking butts that are larger than that and keeping a constant temperature of 200 degrees then 23 hours is believable. Otherwise it seems excessive.

Have you checked your smoker temperature? That should tell you whether you're actually reaching the temperature you set on your dial. If it's not reaching temp. then call customer service.

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