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Texas Pete, a local hot sauce bottler here in Winston-Salem, NC, put on a 4 day ribfest this week. The newspaper said 30,000 attended last year.

Among the ribteams were: Pigfoot (OH), Sgt. Oink's (OH), Checkered Pig (VA), Carolina Rib King. (SC) Willingham's World Champion BBQ ( MN.) Smokin' Joe's Ribs (OH), Big Boned BBQ (TN) My Happy Place BBQ (OH), Smokin Rednecks BBQ (FL).

Parking was $3. Tickets were $6. Ribs were $2 per bone. Are these prices typical?
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Most Rib burners do just that,as a money maker.

Prices seem pretty typical.

Often using large untrimmed spares,so the crowd feels from the look and weight they are really getting their money's worth. Roll Eyes

It is also much less labor for the cooks.

Now ,Tommy,with Checkered Pig is a pretty accomplished comp cook,that has a strong vending organization.

It is difficult to manage 15 workers,hundreds of lbs of meat,and all the other supplies-and still do the comps.

Hopefully, we can be a little more focused on our personal product-plus we cook to suit our family's taste.

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