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That's good to know. I've been using maverick 732 for a number of years. I am tired of replacing the meat probes. Thank you for your advice. I think I am going to purchase the Thermoworks Smoke. I have read a lot of good things about this thermometer. Some people hammered their probes though, that's why I asked that question. I will take your advice! Thank you!

I have used my Meater Block one time on a pork loin.  Worked well.  20 degrees outside so I tried keeping the block indoors close to the window but it kept losing Bluetooth contact so I put it outside by the smoker and it worked fine.  The smoke was only 90 minutes long.  

One thought or comment on the Meater probes: they have to be fully in the meat about 1 and 1/2 inch deep.  So I don’t think they would work well on a thin steak or other thinner piece of meat. Even a chicken breast may have some difficulty.  

Should be perfect for chickens pork butts or brisket though

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