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This started out as an experiment with some Hi-Temp Lava Jack Cheese from Butcher and Packer. Right now, I wish my smoked cheese was ready. Gotta wait til Saturday for that pairing.

4.4 pounds Pork Butt
2 Tbsp Kosher Salt
1 Tbsp + 1 tsp Butcher Grind Black Pepper
1 Tbsp + 1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
2 tsp Mexican Oregano, rubbed
2/3 tsp Cure #1 (if smoked. Optional for fresh)
4 cloves Garlic, smashed (I replaced with powdered)
1/4 pound High Temp Lava Jack Cheese
100 ml White Vinegar
100 ml Cold Water


1. Grind meat through large plate (1/2”, 12 mm).
2. Smash garlic cloves and mix with a little amount of water.
3. Mix meat, all ingredients and vinegar together.
4. Stuff into 32 - 36 mm hog casings and make 8” long links.
5. Keep in a refrigerator or vacuum pack and freeze.
6. Cook before serving.

To stuff and smoke:
Add 2/3 tsp Cure #1 to mixture.
Mix well. Rest overnight, to distribute flavors and cure, in the fridge.
Stuff into 32-35 mm hog casings. Link and be careful not to blow it out.
Smoke at 140* to start, kicking up the temp every hour or so by 10* until 160* is reached.
Cook until 151* IT. About 6 hours.
Give it a bath in cold water to stop the cooking.
Let air dry, cut into links and package. Refrigerate or freeze.

Pics of the process:
Sorry, no grinder pic.
The mix. 8.8 pounds of goodness.

The stuff.

On the FEC-100

BTW, the basic recipe is at Wedliny Domowe and makes 2.2 pounds.
Another tidbit of info. 1# sausage will stuff approx. 2.5 feet of 35 mm casing.
Thanks for lookin', now go play with your sausage.
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