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Thanks John! It was a great contest obviously for us! I now wish I got into the Fast Eddy Cup deal yet I know we just got lucky and presently I am only competing 1-3 times a year.

I think a lot had to do with the beef rub I made. I can proudly say that the rub was all mine and not started from another rub as a base then tweaked. We did apply a glaze on the brisket later in the cook.

Aside from looking for a general internal temp we went by the feel of the thing and it seems we judged it pretty good. I am very,very proud of myself and the folks that helped make it come together which were Pete (pgk) and Frank Turner, and my wonderful wife that kept me from drinking too much and she handeled the presentation of things.

The brisket scores by the way were


I know I am certainly hooked on this bbq stuff and can't wait to do another contest. I also realize that the next contest I/we very well may do completely different. We were just glad for that day and it will be one will will always remember.

We did come in 3rd overall also out of 45 teams. We just may try this cooking stuff again.

Thanks again all!


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