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Ever since I bought my Cook Shack 009, my dog won't let me out of his sight! He knows that when the smoke is curling up from that stainless steel box it's good news for him. Just finished and pulled a 10 pound pork butt. Used Head Country rub and it turned out great. And the dog is VERY happy with the large bone!
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I can understand loving your dog and for sure understand why he loves you so much.

Just know that people food is not good for dogs and can actually shorten their life. Sharp bone fragments can puncture a dog's esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

Just so you know! I am off the soapbox now. (this one, anyway)

GLH is right on the money (as usual.)

Never give your animals rib bones or chicken bones of any kind. Vets furnish their homes with the profits from removing bone fragments from digestive tracts : IF THE ANIMAL SURVIVES.

Tough love is the answer. If you love your pets, don't give in.

Guess there was room on that soap box for two. Smiler
I came to the realization that the seasonigs are not good them. so we always get a canister of bacon dog treats from Dillons.
Because i sure want to keep my pal around as long as i can.

Its nice to have some one around wagging thier tail not thier tongue. WHAT A FRIEND THEY BECOME.
Once in my dog's long life did I make the mistake of giving her a bone from the pork butt. She was a 75 pound shepherd, and fully ate half of the bone that I thought she could only gnaw. My bit of love and weakness cost us all two days of gastric upset.

After that, I would save about one or two ounces of fatty meat for her while I cut the rest; for that we both paid the price of a little gas in the bedroom. All things in moderation.
GLH, I don't know about the rest of the country, but it's 'Tres Chic' out here to feed raw food to your dogs. Supposedly, salmonella is no issue for a dog and chicken, beef, and lamb is ground up with some certain vege's and that's it for food. I don't think pork is ever used. Big business for several natural pet food stores.

For me, it's hard to justify scouting the meat aisles for sumpin' under $3.00 a pound for ME to smoke and paying $6.00 a pound for food for Fido!

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