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Ok i made back to back pizza fatties. The first one was fantastic. The second one was awful.

There was two things different that was done on the second fatty. First thing was i used more wood. The second thing was my wife seasoned the fatty liberally with garlic salt and garlic pepper which was not done on the the fatty that was good.

Out of curiosity I'm trying to figure out which one was the culprit or if possibly both.

I know the answer is to leave the garlic salt and pepper off next time but the smoke flavor was very prounonced and
Left a weird after taste. It wasn't bitter but close.

The first good fatty I used a chunk about the size of a Bic lighter. The second fatty that was no good was about double that.

Thanks Tim
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If the first one was good, why change it? If you are going to experiment with changes you should only change one thing at a time. That way you know what each change did to the flavor. If you like the change then try something else until you get the flavor you are looking for. One more thing to remember, IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'TFIX IT!

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