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Ok first let me say that I have had my FEC100 for about 2 months and its been a great investment. I have a large cook on sunday and I need some help. I have to cook 12 butts, 30 racks St. Louis Spares, 30 racks of baby backs, 3 15 lbs briskets and 20 lbs of chicken 1/4s (legs/thighs). I have to have it ready do serve by 10 AM. (forgot to mention that I have 3 FEC rib rack holders) Any advice is greatly appreciated
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Quick thoughts.

You'll have to cook all the large meats in advance. You don't have enough room. I would also rotate the racks during the cook. When you have the FE jammed in like that, the butts/briskets in the back left are nearest the hot spot (on mine) so I don't want those to get to crusty.

You "might" squeeze in the butts and briskets, cook them to finish, then hold in a cooler. That many will hold for 8 hours in an ice chest (double wrap in foil) and they'll still be too hot to pull.

If you put the 3 rib racks in, that only leaves one shelf for the chicken, and depending on size, you might not fit them all in, but you could try. Do NOT put the chicken above the ribs, poultry juices are nasty, put them on the bottom shelf.

Cook you ribs on 275 and do you check at that temp.

Now WHY did you sign up to do this in one cook.... LOL
Like Smokin' says.

I'm no expert,but I do cook with some.

Other choice would have to be,cook big meats,wrap and chill.

If you are the only server,you'll have to prepull/slice.

Warm,and hold in another oven-if available.

Stll hold in cambros,or large coolers.

Precook the spares and loinbacks,wrap and chill,rewarm in batches in whole foil pans.

Rent something flat,like a Belsen charcoal grill ,to finish the ribs,and cook the chicken.

This is the approach we have used at times.

Good luck.
Thanks for the advice. My luck I was at the park with my smoker feeding my family and friends. A stranger comes along and said that he was on the other side of the park and smelled the smoke. I gave him a plate and he loved it. He came back about 1 hour later and begged me to cook for a family reunion he was having. I agreed only to the cook, I told him that I in the process of opening a restaurant and I did not have time to do a complete catering.He said he would take care of the carving and serving.

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