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I'm going to have a couple of stands designed for my Super Smoker Elite and my son's 09. Needing some ideas on design aspects of the stands, only going to get one shot at this deal, so looking for some ideas before the project gets started.

Width, Height, Work Space Needs, Railing, No Railing, Ease of Cleaning, Drain Holes, Shelving?

If you were starting from scratch and could build a stand to mount your CS on, what would you want?

Really would like everyone's input. Thanks in advance for you input.
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Originally posted by SmokinOkie:

Check out the "show us your set-up" thread, it's at the top of this forum. A number of good photos in there might give you some ideas.

Thanks Smokin.

Actually I've been thru that thread, post by post and picture by picture and that's were I got some of the thoughts that I have in mind. But it's mostly from my own experiences and my failures with my existing set-up.

So I'm really looking for some insight from those who smoke/grill a lot and what they like about their own set-up and what they would do different if they could start from scratch.

So would really like some input from the board. Hopefully I'll get some feedback this weekend? Folks on here are usually very good to provide feedback, sure hoping they don't let me down on this one.

Give me your thoughts.
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OK, no input thus far, so let me express what I'm thinking and maybe some of can add on any mistakes you think I'm making, any additions you'd make if you were building a custom stand. I'm having one built for a Super Smoker Elite and for an 009.

Height - waist high at the top to elevate the smoker(s) for easy loading. Is waist high, too high?

Width - wide enough, that I can center the CS smoker in the middle and leave work space on each side for pans, spices, etc. Question, would you mount the CS in the middle, or would it be better to mount it to one side and leave more working space to one side? How wide would you build the stand? 4 feet?

Depth - Maybe 24, 30 or 36 inches, any thoughts?

Railings - I'm thinking I'll put railing on each end and in the back to keep stuff from falling off. But thinking about leaving some gaps in the railing in the corners and maybe right behind where I mount the smoker, so I can spray off the stand for easy cleaning? Thoughts?

Drain hole(s) - Would you put any drain holes in the stand for draining from rain, cleaning it off?

Close it in or leave it open - Would you enclose the area below the stand, for storage? This will be kept outside on a non-covered deck? If you would enclose it, how much shelving would you put in, one shelf, two etc, keeping in mind the height of the stand.

Is there things I am missing that you would add if you were building one custom. I have a friend with an engineering shop, so he's going to build it to suit, so want to get it right the first time.

Really looking for any input from the forum?
I think the most important area is what is in front of the unit. You need an area that will catch the drippings, sauce, applejuice, whatever that will drip especially when taking something out of the smoker like a butt or brisket.

I have my 055 on a cheap table on my deck, and there's an area in front of the unit where I place a plastic cutting board. Easy to clean and catches all. No room on the sides and that would be nice, but I didn't want to take up the extra room that would take.

To me the front is the most important.
Height should be so that the two shelf you can look down into, not have to look up over. You'll want to see the product cooking.

Don't worry about to the left, the door will keep you from getting something from there.

The right is where you need to be able to put 1/2/3 racks of food (depends on model) so you can load/unload

The front will be a mess. You could put a small shelf there, but it keeps you from reaching in. The width of the shelf needs to match how far you can reach into the smoker. If you can't reach in, it's too wide. And make it something that handles grease stains.
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Really appreciate all of the feedback, very good thoughts and you've given me some great guidance which I'll have incorporated into the design. Hadn't thought about the door issue to the left, so you've saved me a mistake, exactly why I was wanting the feedback.

Couple of questions:
(1) I'm thinking I might do the area right in front of the smoker in stainless or something that is easy to clean. Thoughts on material that would be best there?

(2) Smokin, you mentioned making sure that I kept the stand low enough that I could see the racks and the meat cooking, but I thought I was supposed to keep the door closed till it was done? Big Grin

(3) Smokin, can you explain to me a little bit more what you are referring to on the width of the shelves, I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to get across to me?

Appreciate all of the feedback from everyone. Very helpful. If anyone else has thoughts, please share. Want to get the process started in the next few days.
Originally posted by HogBusGuy:
(3) Smokin, can you explain to me a little bit more what you are referring to on the width of the shelves, I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to get across to me?

It's one of capacity. How many racks do you have and how much room do you want/need. If you have the 2 racks (or 3) then will they all be full and will you pull them out together or one at a time.

I actually use a small, fold up table and put right next to the smoker for just this purpose.

I cover it with foil, make a mess, then throw the foil away. But I like a little more room for preping stuff

1. Stainless steel would be awesome. Used in most commercial kitchens. Easy clean. Just a hose.
2. You have to check for doneness sooner or later. Just make it easy on yourself to see/reach inside the smoker.
3. Too wide a shelf in front would make it difficult to reach into the smoker. Make it wide enough to rest a pan for meat transfer/drippings and use the area to the right for your spices, sauces, bastes, utensils, plates, gloves, etc. Oh yea and beer.
Update to this thread.

Here's pictures of the final product. Had one of these stands built for my son's stainless Smokette and also one for my SuperSmoker Elite. Here's pictures of the Smokette and the stand.

It's built to last, has stainless top, has great work room to the right of the smoker and has a mounting area for the smoker to sit down inside of so it's safely mounted on the stand.

Thanks for all of the input. Special thanks to DanQ from whom I purchased this used smoker, for my youngest son's Christmas gift.


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