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Okay, go easy on me. I hate publishing these because I know you'll find all my mistakes..

But that's a good thing.

Here's a PDF with my latest update of PR101. It's about 20 pages.

I'm actually teaching a local class on PR101 on Monday and had to make a handout.

PLEASE look it over, tell me about typo's, error's questions, whatever.


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Great Job! My only suggestion would be advice or a general guideline as to how much wood to use if it is in a Cookshack. It has been my experience that PR picks up smoke easily and I only use about 1.5 to 2.0 oz for a whole Rib Roast to get the smoke flavor that will satisfy most of my guests.

Thanks again for all your hard work on projects like these!


Absolutely awesome. Put together very well.

Makes me feel a little guilty. You prepare these great 101's, teach us smoking techniques, manage the forum, and encourage others to contribute. Then when we having smoking successes and receive tons of accolades and a number of "very well dones", we sit there and take all the credit. Thank you very much.

I had some editorial suggestions, but I couldn't get them to print in columns on this post, so I'll email them to you.
Originally posted by Team Butcher BBQ:
Nice read Russ, wheres your class?

I'm teaching at the Frances Tuttle campus on Rockwell. I'm also doing a series in the Spring (as mentioned on the bio page in PR 101)

Found out if I'm an instructor, I can take any of their other classes for free.
THANKS for all the inputs, got a couple of emails with errors, corrections and questions.

I rushed to get this out in print for the class (they have ME on a deadline, can you believe it)

Link at the top of the page has the updated version3.

Appreciate it, let me know what's missing.

Special note, I had to do this a little more generic as some of the students told me they only have an oven. But they'll see what they're missing by not having a smoker as I'm smoking mine for the class.

Yeah, I have another deadline for a Turkey 101 class I'm giving too, so you'll be seeing new Turkey 101 soon also.

Then Brining...

then in the spring a bunch of news ones (more classes)

But, they're paying me and since I can't get the 101's updated any other way, this makes me do it... LOL

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