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Hello All,

I just pulled the trigger on the CS55 froma local specialty shop. AMAZING! I broke it in and smoked a whole chicken and rack of babybacks...UM! The nex day, I smoked three brisket flats for two hours and finished them on the gass grill in a disposable aluminum pan. My guests couldn't stop eating. Tomorrow it's 4 racks of babybacks and 2 lbs of fresh beef and pork sausage and 2 lbs of chicken and jalapeno sausage. I don't know what i did before this great piece of culinary equipment.

Thanks Cookshack,

Lafayette, LA
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by rayok275:
1. Time
2. Proven past success. [QUOTE]

Whatever works, but you know there IS better brisket ahead for you.

I'd smoke it at least until the meat temp hits 140. Could be 4 to 6 hours depending on temp.

While a lot of people wrap in foil, putting it in a pan is a similar effect. My only issue with this method is the grease. Once it renders the fat, after the plateau, it would work well, but too early puts too much grease in there for me.

Keep experimenting, you're got a great starting point, now imagine that it could get even better.


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