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Ok, I just got a new FEC 500 delivered and a few questions came to mind. we are openning a small place in Anthem AZ and will be using the 500. The B vent is not in place yet, so I can't play with the cooker and it is KILLING me.

I have been using the fec 100 for the last year at home and at comps, so I am familar with that operation.

On the 500, how do most load it so you don't have say, chicken dripping on other meats.

How often do you have to remove and clean the racks and what does that fit in??

How about cleaning the inside?? Can't foil that thing can you??

Ash removal, how do you get in when it is going most of the time? the bend spoon trick??

Anything else I should think of or tricks for the 500??

David Rosol
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I had one.
I cleaned the racks about every 10 cooks at the car wash.
You can pressure wash the unit, but no higher in the back than the fan and you don't want to get water in the fan hole. Just stay below that and you won't have any troubles.
I use to heat mine up to 400* before I sprayed. Makes a lot of steam.
I never worried how I loaded it. Just put the chicken on the side with the fan. You will get a crispier skin.
You don't have to clean the pots while it's running.
Good luck.

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