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I have a friend that WAS on the Cool Smoke team you see on TV until they started all the TV stuff and the travel that comes with it. Long story short he was on the team the year they won their championship. In short he has been trying to teach me to cook, so a couple of years ago I purchased a grill dome to start cooking.

After using it for a few years, I decided I liked it much better as a grill than a smoker. The low and slow on the dome is a bit difficult as they simply dont have a "heat blocker" pre made so you end up trying to use fire bricks in their lower grill attachemnt and to me its to much work and mess.

SO.... I started reading about cookshaks. for whatever reason i was impressed with the design and went out and bought one. I went with the inexpensive 020 from cabellas.

I simply didnt want to cook but enough for me and my family (3 people) and I wanted KISS.

I have had it a few weeks now and have smoked chicken, salmon, a wonderful pork rack, and butt, and now am doing ribs and more chicken.

It has gone perfect. I dont think it coudl be easier to use.

I do use an external temp monitor (BBQ GURU) that I had for my grill dome (I just use the food temp, and not the pit temp) to monitor my meat, but mostly I just cook by time and then hook it up at the end to polish them off to the exact right temprature.

I am doing ribs and chicken tenders today. I keep experimenting with what I cook.

My goal is to cook healthy foods vs all the pork and fat, so I will be working on fish and chicken going foward.

I have this idea to take chicken breast, pound them flat more or less, wrap them around a mix of olives, feta, artichokes, and red onions and smoke that at 225 till it gets done. Think that would taste yummy. I will post it up if I try it.

Bought the cold smoke attachment and the liquid thing....they came in yesterday, cant really say I see where the liquid thing is supposed to go, so will try and figure that out. Also go the pepper thing, going to try and figure out what to stuff them with.

Anyway, its a geat product that easy to use and so far the flavor has been right on.

Watch Pit masters and yell at Tuffy through the screen, he is a great guy and and makes great Q...if you dont belive me, just hit up his restuarants in Richmond VA and coming soon to Hampton VA.

Anyone knows where to put the liquid thing, holler at me Smiler
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I'm just a Newbie with a few smokes under my belt with my cs020. Knowing now what I have learned with my smoker. I would put the juice infusion reservoir in the kitchen cabinet, but I know there must be some reason for it. I like to brine to get the juices in a dry product, but hey what do I know. It is sure FUN learning on these fine smokers.Keep good notes.
My brother tells me that on Pit Masters, they did something similar to what you are describing with chicken breasts but put them in a large muffin pan. I found a "texas size" pan at the local grocer for $4.

Cold smoke is kinda tricky. Try it first on some cheese. No prep and cheap. Two 12-1/4 x 8-1/4 pans for ice fit perfectly in the 020. Start with wood chips.
Originally posted by vesteroid:
...Anyone knows where to put the liquid thing, holler at me Smiler

There's no set place for it. Personally I wish you'd stop by the forum before ordering it (sorry) but I don't think, with the CS construction and insulation it needs one. One thing I would call the CS is a "humid" smoker. With the little vent hole, all the liquid that escapes the meat tends to stay inside for a long time (hence you'll get some moist bark). I don't do it that way, I open the door to let moisture out (but not too much) but this will of course extend the cooking time because you're letting heat out too.

You can place it on any shelf you want, but it needs to be heated enough for the flavor to evaporate.

I haven't used one, in like, forever since my first year, I don't even know what they look like today.

I'd put it on the bottom, near the firebox or on the bottom shelf (if it's not to vertical).

Thanks for joining. Now if I can get a copy of Tuffy's excel spreadsheet... LOL

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