Just pulled the trigger on a SM045. I've been cooking with an offset smoker for years, and am looking forward to some unattended cooking!!!

This is a great forum; I'll continue to read and learn before I receive my new rig.

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Congrats!!! I have an cs020. I sure took a long hard look at what you bought before I got mine.It looked like you will have a little more room than mine. If you have been reading up on this forum I'm sure you have found out that the FIND button will supply you with the BEST information that you can find anywhere. If you have a specific question ask away? There is normally someone that will help out a Newbie.Have fun!!!!
When you buy a Cookshack, you are required to obey the 1-RECIPE-RULE. When your Cookshack arrives and you've seasoned it, you are now a member of THE FORUM. Membership requires that you post one of your favorite "barbecue recipes". Members of the forum must then try it out, and post their reactions/results within 72 hrs.

The only difficulty this rule ever created for members was when one Newbie's favorite recipe was smoked "Sweetbread" (Cow's brains). Eeker
Now Pags, I thought maybe you could get a good recipe out of BlackCobra for some smoked Mountain Oysters(bull nuts). I have never had them smoked, but they are maybe some of the tenderist part of beef I have ever ate(more than once).
Originally posted by Pags:
When you buy a Cookshack, you are required to obey the 1-RECIPE-RULE.

Now Pags, don't be making forum rules or I'll put you on Double-Secret Probation.

You'll scare off the newbies.

Recipes are NOT required to be posted (although we would like them, oh, and post photos)
Hahah - I don't have any swingin-steaks recipes, but I'm sure I can dig up something unique.

This is a great site. I am a little wary of all the great reviews for these smokers. I feel like I'm goin to wake up and figure out it was all a dream!!!

Thanks guys - I'm sure you'll see me around more.

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