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I have done 3 smokes (2 great results, 1 user error) and I am putting the meat in before starting the smoker. I haven't done exact timing but it seems like it is taking a long time to reach 225. Tomorrow, I will turn it on with nothing in it and check the time but unless I am missing something, seems like it takes over an hour to get up there. Once there, it maintains a pretty close to perfect temp.

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I have a both the 045 and 066.  Both of them have a default start temp.  Your smoker will run on High  for 45 minutes after you start it.  During the heat of summer you might see temps above your set temp during start up.  Even during the summer the time to hit 225 will be different depending on placement of your smoker (Direct sun, or shade), and the amount of cold product you load into the smoker.  During the Winter here in Idaho,  you might not see your set temp for an hour or so.  

I should also mention that a lot of "authorities" claim that meat doesn't absorb smoke after it reaches a temp of 140. 

So I always start my cook with a cold smoker and cold meat. The only exception is fish, I take it out a couple of hours before smoking to let the pellicle firm up.

I have done what you do, but have been thinking about this.  Wouldn't you get more smoke on the meat if you put the cold meat in the smoker after the smoke was rolling?

I would have to watch the smoker to put the meat in when the smoke is going well.  I am lazy, just want to put it in, set the temp  and wait for meat to get done.  I still get plenty of smoke flavor that way.

Some users on another forum like to do a ramp up.  They start at a low enough temp to get smoke, hold that for 30-60 min and then go to desired set temp. The thinking is that the wood doesn't combust and give you a belch.

I kind of do that with jerky, start at 120 and after an hour go to 180 for 30 min to get meat to 160 internal temp to make it food safe and then I put fan on for the drying process.

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