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Hi All,
I recently purchased a smo25 smokette and have a few concerns. I have seasoned and done one cook so far ( Ribs which turned great for first time use).
My concern is the heat transfer to the outside of the cabinet. The entire top and areas of the right side get hot to the point where I can't keep my hand on these areas. I contacted customer and their response was not to be concerned about this.
Just wondering if other owners have this issue and if you do, would you keep or return this smoker.
Also I purchased the cookshack cover and it extremely tight fitting and very difficult to cover or remove. How does your cover fit and could I have the wrong one? The part number is PVO31.
Thanks to all in advance. GREAT FORUM !!!!
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Mine was hot the first and second time I used it but has been fine since. I usually leave the cover off for an hour or so and then it is cool with no issues. After the first two cooks the smoker was always easy to touch on the outside during use so if you continue to have this issue I would contact them to find out what is going on.

So far, as soon as I have claeaned the grates, probes and drip pan, I can cover it and put it away.

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