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My wife is on her way home with my new cookshack for fathers day.

I cant wait to get started smoking. I have been reading so much that I have confused myself some. Everything is starting to run together. Please correct me if I am wrong.

First I seanson the cookshack with 6 oz of wood and nothing esle. Then cook a nice big pork butt. (She is stopping to get a butt also)
I put on my rub and let it sit in the fridge overnight? Will it hurt for it to sit with the rub on for a couple of days? Then smoke with 4-6 oz of hickory for about 1-2 hours per pound or until internal temp of the meat is 190-200(plan on pulling the pork)Start with a lower temp 185-200 and then turn up the heat from there to 225?

I read about okies vinegar mop and it sounds great?When do I add that? During cooking or after I have pulled it. If it is after it is pulled how much do you add?

Any tips and advice is much welcomed. This will be my first smoke ever.

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StoneSmoke -- "Happy Father's Day!" Your wife did you well!!!

Season your CS for 4-6 hours with the temp set at 225˚

Won't hurt for the rub to sit on the butt that long but I don't think it will help any either. The night before or anytime there after will do fine. I usually rub the butt and toss it in the smoker.

No need to mop your butt as the CS is a moist smoker. If you want, you can add some of the mop as you pull the meat. I would try it both ways just to see what my taste buds liked best.

Yes, take that puppy up to neat 195˚. Let it rest wrapped in HD foil in a cooler for at least an hour then pull it for some deliciously tender, moist pork!

Let us know how it goes! Big Grin

BTW - Which model CS did ya get?
You need to stop and mix yourself a drink.

Preferably an Irish Whiskey.

Stop worrying. The Cookshack is just about foolproof.

Season it. (I don't think it really matters)
Then put in a Pork Butt, with a thermometer inserted in it. Take it out when it reads 195 to 200.

Let it set for an hour or so. Then splash it with the vinegar mop.

Have a beer. Eat BBQ. Smile. Enjoy life.
Thanks for the replys.

I got a SS smokette. I think it is refered as the 009 on here. I have it seasoning as I type this. I have to leave tomorrow night for a boyscouts campout with my son and I will return on Sunday eve. Thats why I wonder if I could season it a couple of days ahead of time, that way I could get home and put it in to start smoking once I got home.
Stoner...I see you are from Minnesota. My edumacated guess is that a vinegar mopping of your butt might be off-turning for you. Vinegar mops, and sauces, 'might' be an acquired taste for a Minnesota'n.

So, just my thoughts, rub the butt, smoke it, enjoy it just as it is first, and then start experimenting with sprays, spritzes, mops, sauces, soaks, etc. I think you'll be blown away at the taste, texture, aroma, that you'll get on it just from the rub and the smoke.

Just my dos centavos...forgive me my trespasses that I should know your tastes. Roll Eyes
Only one more thing that I think I can add to the expert advice given above is depending on the size of the pork butt and fat cap, is it a packers cut? is that I usually put mine in the night before because it can take 16 to 20 hours to bring to 195 cooking at 225 in my amerique. Just a thought.
Sorry Stonesmoke, I got your pork butt mixed up with a packers cut brisket, but if it is a good sized butt it will still probably take in excess of 16 hours to finish. Good eating, it will be great. My favorite is after pulling I put it on small hamburger buns with a little slaw mixed with an eastern north carolina style sauce.

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