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Hello,Been lurking around this forum for awhile.I've learned a lot from a great bunch of guys and gals.I came from a Brinkman electric smoker.Had some good results but wanted something better.After doing some research and finding this site,I decided to purchase a Smokette.It arrived on Wednesday but because of work and family I could only unpsck my new smoker andread the instructions.I purchased some spareribs and a pork butt and seasoned them on Friday night to season and cook on Saturday and Sunday.Saturday morning I installed the wheels and started wheeling it outside,two feet later one of the wheels came off(broken weld on the Cookshack)kind of disappointed but I was planning on building a stand anyways.Put foil on lid and bottom(made a whole in the bottom of foil.Thanks guys.)Put two chunks of wood in and proceeded to season unit for 5-6 hours.When that was done(I started pretty early)I looked in the unit and noticed that one of the screws that hold the racks in place was bent.Not too happy with the quality of the build on my unit but I'm going to try cooking something before deciding whether to send it back or not.Has anyone had a similar experience?What did you do?
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Sounds to me like you should call Tony at Cookshack. They have wonderful customer service. They'll make it right for you. Sometimes the problems are not Cookshacks.. rather UPS or whatever delivery service.

However, my experience is that Cookshack needs to spend a few more dollars making sustom foam packaging to protect the cookers. Any heavy(er) tool I buy on-line has excellent packaging.. so should CS's.. UPS damage is about the only real problems I've read about.
Yes, the customer service is top notch. After talking to a local CookShack distributor, we have decided CookShack needs to spend more time on quality control on the assembly line. Several AmeriQue smokers have been delivered with loose screws and loose thermostat and heating element wires. Not alot of assembly line type problems have been reported with the Smokettes. Maybe they need a better final assembly checklist.

Thanks for the advice guys .I will call Tony.One of the selling points when I was shopping around for a smoker were the stories about their customer service.The packing for such a heavy object is a joke.
On a related note the ribs I started are almost done probably another hour.They look fantastic,the flavor is wonderful.I am staying in the Cookshack family.

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