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Well, I am a long time lurker with my 14 year old smokette size cookshack. I finally found a deal on a larger unit, and had to join to ask a question.

I stumbled across an old cookshack with this on it's tag model: 15-s/d 614. It has an on/off switch and a knob with no temperature markings, only high-med-low. It is in as good of shape as my small unit and I could not pass on the price ($350). It came with all the original manuals, extra heating element and unused sausage hooks. I had been looking for a larger capacity unit without breaking the bank for the once a year the extra capacity is needed.

I will of course be playing with it after a cleaning, but I was wondering if anyone out there knows rough settings for specific temps?

This thing seems even more simple than my smaller unit with the thermostat knob. It heated up before I bought it and per customer service cookshack has everything except the power switch which is at Granger.

The final question is there any way to convert or add a simple plug and play thermostat switch to this one? Every once and a while the wife will put the food in and loves " turn on to X degrees" and be done.

Thanks for all the help and advice I have mooched as a lurker and hopefully I can contribute something that helps another owner.

I look like the happy nerd in the photo, but had just unloaded the beast. I know a better photo of the contorls might help, but this is all I have right now.


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You might look at the controller and temp probe used in the Amerique. If the folks at CS say it will work I would go that way. Very stable temps. An alternate is the Auber unit from Auberins. If you would be satisfied with a bulb and capillary controller, again, CS might be able to help you out through retrofitting. If not, then this might work for you:

Just be sure of wattage and temperature .

Happy smoking and good luck.
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Old sarge, thanks for the advice. I was at work earlier and had not reviewed the paperwork with the unit. Looks like I purchased from the original owner and he bought it back in 1986. According to the manual the knob I have appears to be a thermostatic switch, but it has no temperature markings.

Really strange reading the manual which was typed, and not printed in a modern font.

Too many irons in the fire to tinker with it this weekend, but I will update after I have.

It seems to be a model 100.
Superdave, welcome to the active side of the forum.

If you don't already have one, get yourself a digital probe thermometer. You should be able to fit it thru the exhaust opening on top of the smoker. Let it dangle in the middle of the unit without touching metal and set the dial to low. Wait an hour and record the temp. Repeat the process with the medium and high settings. That will give you a rough idea of the pre-sets.

As for conversion to multi-temps, Old sarge has provided excellent resource advice. If you decide to go ahead with the swap out, call Cookshack and ask for Bill Vice. He knows EVERYTHING there is to know about the product line and will steer you in the right direction.

Good luck. Looks like you found a gem at a great price.
Tanks for the advice. I have a few digital units, and will give it a whirl. Smoker cleaned up well and runs fine, but pulls more current than my little cookshack and is tripping the GFI. I believe the GFI is overloaded, and not a short in the unit. I'll get the electrical sorted and update after that.

I figured I would have to resort to the thermometer method, but was hoping for a quick fix / answer. We have had a mild summer, but it is going to leave with a kick and I was trying to avoid being out in it more than I have to.
No crazy stunts here, but it is one of those screen names that we old folks understand.

Threw two chickens in and they turned out great. Smoker seemed to be running fine, but I will need a new outlet run, to eliminate the extension cord blues.

Not a set and forget, but once the temp is right runs just like it should.

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