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Finally joined mainly to say thank you to everyone that post recipes on here. Bought at 050 this summer and have used it about every other weekend since I got it.

Without all the valuable information you pass along me buying this smoker would have intimidated me and would have been a waste of money. However, I have searched the site and with all of your help (you may not have known it) it has been a huge success. Such a success that I catered my brother in laws reception (200 guests), did the Thanksgiving turkey for my mother in law and have cooked countless meals for friends and family.

There are some awesome recipes on here and the information is greatly appreciated.

Lot's to learn still and look forward to spending more time hearing what you guys have to say.

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Originally posted by Padrefan98:
Welcome Hwy291! So glad you decided to post. We know there are a lot of lurkers. I was one for a while. Stop in again and tell us more about your cooks. Maybe someone will learn something from you!!

....and a very good way of having some experienced cooks give little tidbits of advice for free. Wink

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