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I've been reading all kinds of great info here.

I'm going to put in my first brisket in my 055 and I wonder....

How thick do you lay on the rub..? I've got the Cookshack Brisket Rub that came with the cooker.... do I sprinkle it on or dump it and make a thick layer...... do I actually massage it in? I feel stupid for asking but I'm mature enough to not worry about feeling stupid! Smiler
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Only stupid questions around here are the ones not asked! Smiler

There is no definitive answer to any of your questions. All is relative.

I've never tried the CS brisket rub but I'll bet it's good.

Some dust a brisket while others lay it on heavy. Some put it on the night before and let it penetrate further while others put it on just before the smoke.

Some masage it in and some, like me, just sprinkle it on and let it sit for a while.

Half the fun of BBQ is experimenting!

Take good notes of what you do this time and adjust & tweak next time. When you finally find something you feel is a knock-out winner, post it here Big Grin

Hope this helps a little.

Looking forward to hearing about that first brisket!

BTW -- Take a look at Mainely Dave's website. about 2/3 the way down you'll find his notes on brisket.

Might also want to look at Smokin's Brisket 101. Good stuff!!!

I thought the answer would be somemthing like that.

I'm in a newbie smoking mode..... this thing is running almost 24/7.

Around the 3rd week of October I need to feed some friends and I want to achieve a bit of experience.

Brisket will go in tonight around 8PM


Well,I'm no expert,but here are a couple of thoughts.

You don't say what size,or cut your brisket is.

Most folks like to get the rub on,at least an hour ahead.

Some folks like to make a paste of wooster,or apple juice with the rub,so that it can be smeared into every nook and cranny.

Some may just moisten the surface with them and heavily sprinkle on the rub.

It is hard to over season a packer,with a good rub,and Cookshack's brisket rub is excellent.

Remember you are building bark,as well as seasoning.

Each slice of brisket gets its flavor from the thin area exposed to the rub.

If it is a packer,a full cup of rub with half that much turbinado sugar might not be too much.

Hope this helps a little.
You can get by without the turbinado.

It has a higher burn/scorch temp than traditional sugars and holds up to the long cook .

It also doesn't clump up on you.

KCMike did a nice tutorial,but you may not have needed to do as much trimming and separating.

A lot of folks will remove the couple large kernels/wedges of fat,clean the fat side down to about 3/8 inch and let the slow cooking render most of the flat.

Just a couple of thoughts.
Originally posted by esfishdoc:
How thick do you lay on the rub..? I've got the Cookshack Brisket

I've just sprinkled the CS rub on.. In fact, I don't rub it in because too much seems to gravitate to my hands, only to be washed down the drain.

I generally get commercial rubs and have to experiment on amounts.. but one thing that seems to be a limiter for me is the amount of salt in the seasoning. Most put salt as the highest quantity because it's cheap.. I've had to doctor my favorites to move salt further down the quantity scale.

For instance, I like Papa's, made in Fresno or one of the valley towns. It is high in salt but the flavor is great. That one is doctored. Recently, I've seen a Papa's that has salt somewhere in the middle of the ingredients list.. I'm going to try that as soon as I more fully deplete my stock of seasonings I've ruled out but too tight to toss Smiler

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