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Just an FYI- I received the 732 last night and plugged it into my first brisket smoke. Started out well, but then the box probe shot to 340 degrees while my actual box temp was 225. Set off the alarm and had me running! The food probe was fine and compared somewhat to the Amerique probe temp. This morning I woke up and the box probe was back to normal.

Called Maverick and they are replacing the probe.
It's great unless you're sleeping when the faulty probe goes crazy!

It was good, not outstanding. Couple of issues were going on. The AQ also had some electronics problems. I started out at 225 and had the probe problem after about 2 hours. Then I tried to lower the temp to 190. Entered the 190 temp and opened the door to drop the temp to 195 or so. When I closed it, the unit would start to heat up to over 200. I waited for a bit thinking that the probe thought it was cooler than it was due to the door open, but no drop in temp. I took it down to 180, and opened the door again to bleed heat. Finally got it below 190 and plugged in 185 for overnite. I should mention at this time that I never entered a timing point. But when I got up this morning the unit had gone into hold mode even though my probe was still calling for 190 finished. The meat was registering 165 so I wasn't concerned about safety. I am thinking there was a power outage very early this morning, but nothing else in the house was registering an outage (ie flashing clocks). So, I cranked back up to 280 'cause I had to get to work! Finally hit 190 on the probe and I pulled it.

The flat is a good flavor, but need a bit more smoke time. Also need a finishing sauce, but I got too excited to do one and just wanted to taste it! The point was outstanding! Juicy and tender. Prob could have used a finishing also, but still really good.

Pics? Oops. I will take some of what's left when I get home!!!

Ain’t life great when you can put a brisket in your smoker for an all nighter and go to bed for a good night’s sleep.

So how was the brisket? Hope you're posting pictures

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