I just bout a new Smokette and did the seasoning portion, and it smoked fine at 225. All the wood didn't turn to ash, but it was only on for about 5 hours so I can understand that. Right after that I threw 2 8 lb briskets on at 200 and let it go for about 18 hours and none of the wood really "caught" and smoked. It appeared that it was smoking last night and I could smell it, but after taking the brisket out, there isn't much smoke flavor in it. I used 4 chunks of hickory, or 8 oz, but the wood looked almost untouched when I opened it today. Is 200 too low to generate the smoke?
Thanks for any help you can offer!!!
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I had little smoke with lower temerature settings. 225* and higher produced sufficient smoke. So in reading other posts on this topic, I bent the heating element in my Elite higher to where it just touched the wood box(very little movement to get it there). Now I get better smoke at the lower temperatures.

In one of the posts, Stuart(from Cookshack) suggested this to one of our members. Try it and this shoud help you out.
Achemen, you might just have got lucky. 8 ounces of hickory on brisket is an awful lot. More smoke flavor than most folks could endure. Now if you really, really like a lot of smoke maybe that would be OK but I never use more than 3 ounces for a brisket and that gives plenty smoke flavor. It's easy to over smoke a brisket because of it's large surface area to volume ratio.
Did you put the wood chunks up front in the wood box,towards the door?

You will not get a great deal of smoke through a chunk of meat that large.

Also,if you have been around the smoker a lot that day,you will be somewhat dsensitized to the smoke on the meat.

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