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I'm sure everyone has heard about the flooding in Houston. Operation BBQ Relief has deployed and are pumping out meals. In only four days we've already cooked 120,000 meals. That's more meals than the very first deployment in Joplin MO where we cooked 110,000 meals in 11 days.

I've posted before, so I'm sure long time members already know this, but for new people, OBR is a registered non-profit, all donations are tax deductible. In a little over six years, OBR has cooked over 1.2 million meals for first responders and disaster victims. Unlike some other relief organizations, NO ONE at OBR get's a pay check, we are all volunteers, we have full time jobs just like everyone else. Except when something like this happens, we take off from work and go feed people.

If you're in the area and would like to help us out, text OBR to 51555, there are two sites set up, one in downtown Houston and another in Victoria TX. If you'd like to donate, text OBR to 41444. A $20 donation will feed about 20 people.

We're not a fly by night operation, we bring out the big guns when needed and thankfully our partners have responded. Smithfield has sent three semi trailers filled with 100,000 pounds of meat. Butterball has sent a full trailer, Seaboard Foods has sent a trailer. Buns & veggies are rolling in...

Russ, "Smokin Okie" our fearless leader, is on his way to help out as well. Check out OBR on Facebook and spread the word. Here's a peek into what we're doing in Texas.
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THANKS Joe!!!! OBR was in Colombia SC to assist after the flooding in 2015.

Domino's ain't got nothing on OBR. Thanks to the Air National Guard, we now deliver via Blackhawk helicopter. Food on the way from Houston to Beaumont TX. We also had some private pilots that were kind enough to fly about a ton of supplies to our second site in Victoria TX. Help us get the word out on social media. Remember, we're a non profit so donations are tax deductible.

Thanks everyone!

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