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Originally posted by bubbasz1:
A few months ago somebody used a eye of round for pastrami, I have been looking all day for this link, anybody by chance have it bookmarked?

Is this what you're looking for?

Hint - If you're having trouble using the forums "Find" function, use Google. I Googled "Cookshack eye of the round pastrami" and had the typical less than a second response. No need to waste all day and come up empty handed.
I made pastrami from an eye round roast I corned myself. I used a dry brine and turned it every day for 7-8 days. I smoked it with pecan and the taste was very good. The only problem I saw was that there was a section in the very center of the ey round that did not get cured...about the size of a was gray while the rest of the pastrami was redish. The pastrami was very hard because eye round is so lean. It was easy to slice thinly and I warmed it up in a chinese steamer basket.

I don't think I would use eye round again. I would use top round, I think.

Of course, now that I can buy product at Restaurant Depot I'll just by corned beef brisket. I picked up a 17lb corned beef flat for $2.65 per lb last month. That'll make a lot of pastrami.

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