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as mad dog of kick the tires lite the fires told me "jack that is the ugliest piece of meat i've ever seen!!!"
was gonna throw it out but peggy told me no ya ain't, fix it!!"
just goes to show always listen to the wife!!!
thanks for the kind words,
ps mad dog gives great towing tips!! i remembered to turn the trailer left go right while backing and hit my storage spot no problem!!!!!!
Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. Jack was ready to throw out that brisket. He said he thought it was overcooked and didn't slice well. It was a pretty fatty looking thing with no smokering that I could see through my sweat covered eyeglasses! But it sure did taste good. He sliced and trimmed a bit, threw it in the box and said, "I'm done with that! You do what you want." So I wiped around the box and fluffed up the slices a little. Turned it in to the table. We had no hope at all of anything coming out of that. What an eye-opening experience. All I learned was not to throw in the towel. Turn it in and take your chances.

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