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Hi All,

I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on a PG500, but I have a few questions first.

I generally cook for two and smoke for one except when we have company of small groups.

I’ve been smoking for several years and worked my way up to a FEC100 several years ago.

I have a LYNX gasser that I use for grilling and love it as it’s so easy to use and clean, plus it will go over 600 degrees.

Several years ago I tried a Louisiana CS-450 with mixed results and virtually gave it away.
The pellet cooking flavors were great but it suffered A LOT of flame-outs also I found it to be quite messy, hard to clean and the pellet consumption (when burning) was fairly high.

Now my questions are:
How is cleaning of the PG500 done?
How do you feel about using it on a wood / composite deck?
And for those of you that do have it on a deck, have you done anything to protect the deck?

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1) It has a ash tray that can be removed(slides out easily) and cleaned, when needed. Unlike the FEC, the fan is strong enough to blow ashes out of the fire pot, so you'll not get the build up like the FEC. In fact, you can see the hot rod showing after every cook.

2) You'll need something under it on the deck, piece of plywood or rubber mat. I have grease that leaks down the leg , not bad, but enough that it would make spots.

I drag mine out of the garage and use on my concrete driveway, so I don't worry about any protection.

It will burn about 3 times as many pellets as the FEC, but you'll get a better smoke profile. I've only had flameouts cooking at 180* and it didn't take long to realize that i had no need to cook that low.

Never had a better hamburger than what this grill does. It does have limited space if you need it for larger groups.

Now, am I happy? Yes, I wish I had one for the trailer at the lake and am watching the ads for a used one for that purpose.
Hey Mountain man!

I have had my PG500 for 2 years now. I use it 2-3 times a week minimum.

Cleaning- I shop vac the fire pot about every 4th smoke. I also shop vac anywhere I see ash. Which isn't much. I clean out the drawer below the fire pot. Other then changing the foil on the drip pan every couple of smokes, I really don't "clean" anything else. Just before I shop vac it I will knock down any crusties on the walls with a putty knife. Not any hard scraping but just a light touch so the crusties dont fall on my food. I like to clean the outside more then the inside. Just some simple green and a cloth. It will never look new again. But it does look nice. I have some black areas showing up around the doors but I think that's normal.

I have mine one a wood deck. I don't have anything under it. But I probably should have. Nothing leaks on mine, but taking food in and out of the unit, I have dropped grease or juice several times so I do have some spots.

My dad bought one after he saw mine and what it could do. I went to his house in Washington and we spent the whole week cooking on it.

Our favorites are:
Prime Rib

It can handle just about any recipe you put in your conventional oven. From cookies, to pies, pizza, lasagna, mac and cheese. Possibilities are endless and fun to experiment.
I have both the FEC 100 & FEPG 1000. They are both great units. You'll save on pellet consumption c/w the FEPG 500 too. I use the 100 to smoke & the 1000 to grill but you could easily do smaller smokes on the 1000. I guess I have too many "friends"! Wink
I have a Weber Gas Grill & a Charcoal grill that I haven't even taken the cover off of since I got the 1000. Old habits die hard!

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