I scoped out a sale at Harbor Freight a couple weeks ago (they post their upcoming sales well ahead of time) on a push cart that I thought would make for a nice stand for my AQ. I'm pretty sure I got the idea from someone here. I had already purchased the screw-in feet to replace the casters. Today I got the cart and assembled it, got everything set up. I'm going to like having the smoker up higher, easier to load and unload food!! Here is a pic off of my phone:


The bottom shelf has my wood chunks and a big roll of butcher paper that I use to line my prep table (which is to the left just outside the pic). On the top shelf next to the smoker are the racks that I've cleaned recently and a piece of shelving that I can use to set pans on, etc. The cart has a 3" edge all around so the smoker is sitting on a couple of 2x6's to prop it up a little more so the drip pan can be removed.
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