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Found out tonight the people at my rifle league want pulled pork for the dinner.

My normal meat place was closed by the time I found out so I hit up Wally world about 10:30 tonight. All they had were picnic shoulders, pumped with up to 12%.

Can I treat them like Butts, any special prep to them. They seem to have some of the skin on them.

Would like to put them in Sat. night and take out Sunday and shred.

Next question is what would be the best way to store this until next friday when I need it?

I am not home much, so I could put it in the fridge and the temp should stay stable, as the door won't be opening and closing all the time.

I got a lot of snow I could toss it in a cooler and stash it in a snow bank.

Planning on wrapping in foil and putting in electric roaster to heat on friday during work hours.

Does anyone put sauce on the meat, like ham bbq or do you leave it on the side for those you want it? on the side is normally how i do it, thought there may be a better way.

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Treat it like a butt. Rub heavy 24 hours before the cook and wrap in tight double cellophane. I take them big old shoulders to 205* usually. They have alot of fat on and in them. If you shred it on Sunday, it should be fine in an airtight container in a 33* fridge until friday. Cheap white hotdog buns, KFC slaw, sauce on the side.


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